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Hundreds of thousands of military members move every year. is your direct marketing channel to reach this highly desirable market. By registering and posting your active listings located near military installations, you are taking the next step towards renting your vacant unit or closing a home sale! With over 1.4 million registered users, is an effective and efficient resource to rent or sell your property!
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  • Single family homes, apartments, duplex/townhomes, etc.
  • On-base military housing
  • Military-to-military roommates
  • Rooms for rent
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  • Residential Properties
  • Land
  • Listing Fee Starting at $49.95
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  • Temporary Lodging
  • Short-term (hotels, motels, etc.)
  • Extended stay

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  1. Residential Landlords, Property Managers, Apartment Complex Managers, and Homeowners
  2. Real Estate Professionals, Agents & Brokers
  3. Military Privatized Housing Partners
  4. Hotel and Extended Stay Property Managers

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Use of to conduct any form of solicitation is strictly prohibited.

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Serving the Military Market Since 2004

  1. "AHRN provides the best, most reliable resource for connecting service members, tenants and landlords! We were very apprehensive about becoming landlords. Our first tenant located us through AHRN, stayed with us for three years, never missed a payment and upon leaving, left the house in the exact same condition it was in when the lease was signed. In less than 10 days after the original tenant left, we located another tenant and signed a new lease agreement! Thank you AHRN!" ~ Jeff S.

  2. "Listed on AHRN this morning and signed the rental contract for a VERY HAPPY military family this evening. THANKS AHRN!" ~ Patty R.

  3. "I have been very happy finding tenants." ~ Lois B.


  5. "I am so grateful for AHRN. I have rented out our property for about 5 years now. An excellent Navy family (also discovered the house through AHRN) who had been renting our property for 2 years. Thanks to AHRN for being such a valuable resource to families that are PCSing and for allowing me to rent my home again until I can return someday. I am so thankful! Grateful," ~ Clint W.

  6. "I would like to thank you for offering this service. We have been privileged to offer our home to a general, a lieutenant colonel, and a chief master seargent. Two weeks ago we relisted the home, since our current military tenants have purchased a home, to a captain and his wife. We could not be happier. It is such a relief to have reliable, respectable tenants who take excellent care of our home. It listed and rented within days." ~ Judy B.